What Do I Do If My Portable Router Isn’t Getting a Strong Signal?

Steps to make sure your device can properly connect to the strongest signal :

Watch our video instructions here :

Make sure the device is charged.
If battery life is low, the device may not perform well. Use the USB-C cable that comes with the device to charge it. Once the LED bar is fully white and the white light is static, the charging has been completed. See our full LED light guide here. 

Restart the device.
This may help the device catch the appropriate signal.

Place the device near window or outside.
Try placing the device in an open area or near a window to properly connect for the first time.

Reach out to an agent.
If you are still not receiving strong signal, please reach out to a HomeFi Agent as we can quickly and effectively troubleshoot your device and ensure you get connected to the strongest available signal.

To reach an agent you can send a LiveChat message here or you can submit a request here. Our business hours are 9-9pm EST Monday through Sunday.)


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