Is my free wireless portable router pre-owned?

Your free HomeFi Wireless Portable Router may be a Certified Pre-Owned device. Don’t worry, all certified pre-owned devices have been fully tested and cleared by our team! This is part of our HomeFi Cares initiative which is dedicated to the promotion of environmental protections and the recycling of technology. See the HomeFi Cares section below to learn about our charitable contribution.

What does having a pre-owned router mean for me?
A Certified Pre-Owned device works the same as a brand new device. Our team has thoroughly inspected and tested each Certified Pre-Owned device to ensure it is in full working order. The only difference is that you may notice some slight blemishes or discoloration on your unit, but that’s all! By using your FREE Certified Pre-Owned device you are helping HomeFi in our goal of protecting the environment through our HomeFi Cares initiative.

What is HomeFi Cares:

By using certified pre-owned devices HomeFi is able to keep devices out of landfills and save energy, water, and other resources required to produce new devices.

With every Certified Pre-Owned device shipped HomeFi will donate $1 to the National Forest Foundation to support the planting of new trees to preserve and enhance America’s National Forests and Grasslands.


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