A Guide To The LTE Internet Router

The LTE Internet Router is our best device for high-speed reliable home or office internet, especially in rural areas where there is no fiber internet presence and where satellite connectivity is expensive and unreliable.

Watch our quick one-minute video explaining the LTE router: 

While The LTE Router is not as easily portable as our wireless router, it does provide the strongest and most reliable signal since it has 6 external antennas and ethernet ports. If you need reliable LTE internet to power your home or office, this is the router for you. 


Unboxing Information

Inside the product package for the LTE Router, you should find the following items:

• LTE Router x 1
• Ethernet Cord x 1
• 2.4GHz WiFi antenna x 2
• 5.0GHz WiFi antenna x 2
• LTE Antenna x 2
• Power Adaptor x 1

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png mceclip2.png

Watch our unboxing video below to understand all the parts that come with the LTE Internet Router:

If you already have your LTE router in hand and are ready to set up, then take a look at
our detailed set up instructions here.

But if you are looking to apply specific settings to your LTE router, like parental controls, please download and take a look at your detailed user guide below ⬇

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