How Do I Set Up My LTE Internet Router?

Watch our set-up tutorial video below:

To start, make sure you have all the LTE Router components in front of you. These include: 

  • The HomeFi LTE Router.
  • The power adaptor. 
  • Two LTE antennas. 
  • Two 2.4G Wi-Fi antennas. 
  • Two 5G Wi-Fi antennas.
  • One ethernet cord

STEP 1: Screw in the two LTE antennas into the SMA ports on the front side of the LTE Router. 

The LTE antennas should be facing vertically from north to south. 


STEP 2: Take all four Wi-Fi antennas, and plug them into the labeled SMA ports located on the back side of the LTE Router. 

The Wi-Fi antennas should also be facing vertically from north to south. 


STEP 3: Grab the power adaptor and find an outlet with a grounding connection. This socket outlet should ideally be located near a window in an area where you anticipate you will use the internet the most. 

Once you’ve located the outlet, connect the power cord of the power adapter to it.


STEP 4: Connect the router to the power cord via the power port on the front side of the device. 

When setting down the LTE Router again, try to position the front side towards the window, so that the Wi-Fi antennas on the back side are facing towards the inside of your home or office.


STEP 5: Now that the LTE Router is plugged into power, flip the device over to reveal the sticker on the bottom side.

Be sure to make note of the default SSID (which is the network name) and the default Wi-Fi key (which is the password) as they are written on the sticker. 

On your mobile device, access the Wi-Fi settings menu. Select the SSID and enter the default Wi-Fi key that appear on the bottom of the LTE router. 

Connect to the SSID that has 2.4G in its name.

Now, just give the LTE Router two minutes to scan for the strongest LTE signal in your area. 

Once two minutes have passed, your device should be connected! Go ahead and try surfing the web using the mobile device you connected to the Wi-Fi network. 


If the router is not connecting: 

  • Make sure your LTE Router is plugged into the power source. 
  • check that the LTE antennas are plugged into the appropriate SMA ports on the front side of the device.
  • Check the cellular signal strength indicators on the front side of the device and ensure that at least one is illuminated, if that’s not the case, unplug the LTE Router, and move it closer to a window, or to a room where the cellular signal strength is greater. 

If you're still not receiving any signal, please reach out to a HomeFi agent as we can quickly and effectively troubleshoot your device.

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